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Imad Group was incorporated in Nigeria in 2001 as an independent oil marketing company in the upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil and Gas industry. The company is involved in Bulk Purchase of refined Petroleum Product such as A.G.O, P.M.S, and D.P.K etc.
The company has its registered office at No 17a Forcados Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.

Mission Statement
To create a unique international company founded on professionalism, high quality control and on-time delivery of our services.

Our Background & Strength
Imad Group takes service delivery to the highest level. The quality of our service is unrivalled as we are every bit consistent in giving our customers the satisfaction they deserve. Our drive for excellence and perfection is deeply rooted in our passion to succeed in a highly competitive market. Our bold approach to business is accompanied by unique ideas and strategies, sometimes even breaking the conventional route to bring satisfaction to our clients.
Our ability to follow through, from the delivery of product to the rigs and the delivery of refined products to our customer’s nomination storage facility, is strongly determined by the strength of our experienced team. Our ability to maintain low overheads and lean operations rightly positions us for this kind of business, as success is clearly defined in terms of our pricing and margins.
Imad Group highly competent and experienced team possesses implicit knowledge and understanding of global and local industry dynamic implies an efficient and cost – effective supply chain from sourcing to delivery.

Imad Group relationship with major and independent petroleum marketers implies a formidable customer base for the business.


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