Our Values
Imad employees share set
of core values honesty, integrity and respect for people...Read More

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Business Principles
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Why Imad Group?
Why ought to work at IMAD GROUP? You thrive on being confronted, and cooperate with diverse people with extraordinary perception, who are at the peak of their fixture.
You look for new opportunities, and cuddle change.

You want to:

Work for the World
At Imad Group, international assimilation is the manner in which we compel factual outcomes for our customers in Nigeria as well as Africa in general and other international business we serve. This means ensuring that the right people are in the right place at the right time - in real time.
We provide various ways for existing employees and we welcome new staffs that are willing to work by being the right person in the right slot assigned for a particular duty.

Work Your Way
Total modernism call for unrelated workforce and eye-catching life projects that sustain, and maintain, them. This signifies getting job done in the most excellent feasible skill, through a comprehensible focus on dealing fallouts, and expressively where and at what time our staffs prefer to carryout their duties. In IMAD, we encourage staffs to design their working periods that suit their lives in accordance with individual distinctive style and desires.

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