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INTRODUCTION: The policy statement has been drafted with agreement of the Management Committee. Management and employee representatives from different functions of the business.
IMAD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, a subsidiary of Imad Group was incorporated in 2001 as an independent Trading Company to compliment the functions of Imad Group.
The Policy of IMAD GROUP is to provide services which satisfy the client in an effective, efficient and safe way for this will enhance Imad reputation as a reliable and innovative company.
To achieve the stated policy, the following objectives are put in place:

  • We ensure that Management and individual responsibilities are clearly defined for all aspects of work.

  • We ensure that the company cultures promote quality health, safety and environmental consciousness.

  • We ensure that staffs and equipment are suitable for there tasks.

  • We ensure that place of work is adequate and safe.

  • We ensure that tasks are executed effectively, efficiently and safely.

  • We ensure that the management system is regularly reviewed and continuously improved.

This policy statement expresses management commitment to managing its trading activities in a manner that provides and exemplary level of care and safety for its employees.
To support these objectives, management always ensure that employees are highly motivated and monitored.

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