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It is a general phenomenon that road accident constitute the biggest threat to safety world-wide and in Nigeria. To reinforce IMAD’s concern for safety the following rules are made for all employees. Contractors, customers etc are expected to observe and adopt them as well.

  1. Obey the Highway Code.

  2. Undertake driver’s training.

  3. The wearing of seat belts is compulsory.

  4. Safety checks on vehicles (e.g. lights, tyres, oil, water etc) must be conducted before embarking on a journey.

  5. Do not drink alcohol and drive.

  6. Speed limits within towns not to exceed 50km/h or any other limits.

  7. Speed limits on highway remains – 100km/h for cars and pickups and – 65km/h for trucks.
    Imad improved places a ban on night travel outside city/town. Plan your travel in such a manner that if there is small change that you will not reach your destination by 6.00pm the travel shall be postponed till the next day.

  8. Allow yourself a safety margin.

  9. Drivers shall switch off their mobile phones whenever their vehicle engine is switched on. The slogan is “ENGINE ON MOBILE OFF”

  10. Allow plenty of time for your journey so that you do not have to rush.

  11. The rules also apply to other employees who use their own vehicles for travels. The only sanction for contravention will be non-payment of any medical bills resulting from an accident occasioned by contravention of the rules.

  12. In general, any holding of Company vehicle found to have contravened any of the above rules shall be given appropriate management sanction, which may include termination of employment.

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