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IMAD GROUP wishes to make all its employees and related personnel aware of the dangers of alcohol/drug abuse, which may impair concentration and threaten safety, general performance and productivity.
IMAD through this policy, wishes to ensure discipline and commitment amongst its employees and contractors to counter this threat to safety.

In applying this policy, Imad Group states that:

  1. It is strictly prohibited for an employee to be at work or on company business whilst under the influence of/or impairment by, the use of illegal drug and/or alcohol.

  2. The cut-off point for alcohol in the company is 0.8grams per litre of blood.

  3. The use, or possession, or sale of illegal drugs in the work place is strictly prohibited.

  4. Fitness-to-work examinations will include test for alcohol and/or drug abuse/dependence.

  5. Company drivers/drivers of company vehicles on duty are prohibited from abuse of alcohol.

  6. The company may organize un-announced Spot Checks, for the possession of illegal drug/alcohol in company premises. It may also carry out random testing of employees for alcohol and/ or drug abuse.

  7. An employee with recognized alcohol/drug problem will be assisted by the company to seek appropriate treatment and rehabilitation.

  8. All contractors and contractor employees on company business are required to comply with the regulations contained in this policy.

Appropriate disciplinary measure will be taken in the following circumstances:

  1. Use, sale, possession and/ or distribution of illegal drugs/alcohol in the work place

  2. Failure to co-operate in the implementation of the policy

  3. A second positive test result

  4. Failures to comply with appropriate rehabilitation procedures.

Company end-of-year, send off, and long service award/business parties will be exempted only on the prior approval of the managing Director. The use of alcohol in these events is restricted strictly to the venue of such parties.

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