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IMAD GROUP is committed to the prevention of pollution from our operation and distribution activities and sustainable development of the environment in which we operate.
A clean environment doesn’t depend on luck. It depends on you.

  • Comply with necessary legislative requirements specified by IMAD MANAGEMENT AND OTHER BUSSINESS sectors we subscribe to.

  • Endeavour to minimise any adverse impact upon the environment which may result from distribution activities of the company.

  • Continually improve on our set environmental objectives and targets which are established at the department level relevant to identified significant aspects and reviewed as the environmental performance improves.

  • Relate our environmental considerations to our wider commercial objectives, responsibility to our customers and awareness of the social political and economic environment in which we operate.

  • Encourage our neighbours and customers to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.

  • Seek to conserve natural resources by ensuring the responsible use of energy and materials where appropriate.

  • Encourage all employees of the company to conduct their work in a manner compatible with the company’s environmental policy.

  • Conducts regular environmental audits of all our operations to ensure compliance with the policy.
    The ultimate responsibility for determining and ensuring the implementation of the environmental policy rest at the Board level of IMAD Group.

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