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Imad Group will

  1. Engage proactively in awareness training, education and prevention programmes reaching out to employees and, as appropriate, their families and the communities where they live.

  2. Create sustainable partnerships with relevant local and global organizations and other key stakeholders to fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic collectively in the societies where the company operates and/ or sells its products and services.

  3. Have the systems and processes in the place to ensure the effective implementation of the actions/targets/plans resulting from such local policy.

  4. Provide or arrange for the provision of medical treatment to employees affected by HIV/AIDS which is as comprehensive as circumstances reasonably permit, including anti-retroviral therapy and counselling.

  5. Not discriminate in relating with HIV/AIDS affected individuals, in particular employees, contractors, customers and suppliers. Practical guidelines will be developed to address potential local issues and ensure and effective organizations.
    In order to underpin this policy commitment Imad Group:

  • Manage HIV/AIDS as a critical business issue

  • Address HIV/AIDS as part of the HSSE and Social Impact Assessments for a new projects.

  • Establish annual plans, goals and targets related to HIV/AIDS.

  • Approach HIV/AIDS management in a systematic way, addressing each of the elements of the Group guidelines.

  • Established clear single point accountability within the Leadership Term to ensure the impact of our operations on communities is addressed.

  • Promote a workplace environment, which facilitates learning and awareness of HIV/AIDS for all employees.

  • Promote a culture in which all Imad employees, contractors, and joint ventures share these commitments appropriately.

  • Target continuous improvement in mitigation efforts through reference to best practice.

  • Include HIV/AIDS management in the appraisal and development plans of leaders and employees.

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