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Imad General Business Principles govern how all Imad subsidiaries conduct their businesses...
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Welcome to Imad Group website.

This website replicates our enduring international development and accomplishment of the Imad Group and the business approach to become one of the foremost companies in the international market in everything we do most especially in the oil and gas sector.

We touch the lives of millions of people by providing the best of our products and services every day from all over the world. Our dedication to service ranging from the basic petroleum products, Microfinance Bank, shipping and logistics, crushed rock and mining and bureau de change. Our aim is to provide an effortless technique of humanizing people's excellence of life in their confined neighborhood, and international in general.

We are one of the best petroleum products marketing company in Nigeria, with over thousands of employees of different ethnic background and faiths, the culture of our business and the diligent personnel makes it to the highest level that we meet up with our customers demand nationwide and the neighbouring countries as well.

As seen here on our website, you will get to find out that our dedication to the comprehensive neighborhood in which we are there, our effort and influence to shelter and prolong the atmosphere in which we all contributed to, our revolutionary explore in industry and expertise to put up an improved scene. We had always wanted to, and have been delivering high quality products which indeed pay in return with a victorious accomplishment of satisfaction from our esteemed customers.

We take pleasure in what our dedication and well skillful business brought, which is our unparalleled development that leads to a foremost change in our business. 

Indeed, it is a great improvement, and I hope you will find more development sometime you visit our website again.

Thank you,

Alhaji Bashir Adamu

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