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Business Strategy & Control.
11th January 2010

Imad Business Strategy & Control Department has permitted an approach which is designed to make the company number one leading in importation of petroleum products and delivering throughout Nigeria and West Africa in General.
However the company will continue to invest in oil business to preserve its modern capability of Oil business, in the meantime the strategy will remain based on the company’s ability of importation of high quality petroleum products, which we expect to invest billions of dollars in developing projects in next 2 years.
“By following our strategy, we have the ability and potential willing to invest our financial possessions to spend in development in the sector which we perform the most. With our long-term experience in the oil sector contributed by our able team of traders and business strategy personnel’s, we have a strong believe that what we are aiming of becoming will surely come true. We are trying to take over the major importation and distribution of petroleum products in Nigeria and West Africa. Our volume of importation will rise from the current volume to its double volume on weekly bases.”Group President & CEO, Alhaji Bashir Adamu.

“We have determined to build, hire and purchase many filling stations in various locations in the country. Our present focus of capturing the supply and building of fuel stations in Niger Republic is in great pasture. As soon as we are done we shall cross to other West African countries where some of the countries which we have acquire the permission for investing in this regard” ED Imad Group, Alhaji Umar Yeldu.

“Imad Group has evaluated number of approach decisions on how to employ and increase effectiveness and cash flow in other division of our trade. Our major asset of importation will begin soon to carry out an implementation of our preferred business plan determined by our own technology” GCOO, Imad Group, Alhaji Nasiru Mohammed Mansir.

“Our vision is to rise more than suppliers, which in not many years to come we shall be supplying and consuming our imported products to our diverse filling stations in African continent. We are vigorous in explore and growth in other part of our investments.” Head Tading, Imad Group, Hassan Yakubu.

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