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Imad Group identify five areas of responsibility. The Company’s Management continuously assesses the priorities and discharges these inseparable responsibilities on the basis of that assessment.

1. To Customers:

To win and maintain customers by developing and providing products and services which offer value in terms of price, quality, safety and environmental impact, which are supported by the requisite technological and commercial expertise.

2. To Employees:

To respect the human rights of our employees and to provide them with good and safe working conditions, and competitive terms and conditions of employment.

3. To promote the development and best use of the talent of our employees:

to create an inclusive work environment where every employees has a equal opportunity to develop his or her skills and talents. To encourage the involvement of employees in the planning and direction of their work; to provide them with channels to report concerns. We recognize that commercial success dpends on the full commitment of all employees.

4. To Business Partners:

To seek mutually beneficial relationships with contractors, suppliers and in joint ventures and promote the application of these Imad General Business Principles or Equivalent principles in such relationships. The ability to promote these principles effectively will be an important factor in the decision to enter into or remain in such relationships.

5. To Society:

To conduct business as responsible corporate members of society, to comply with applicable laws and regulations, to support fundamental human rights in line with the legitimate role of business, and to give proper regard to health, safety, security and the environment.



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