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IMAD GROUP conducts its business under high standards of health, safety, security and environmental concerns, and is committed to maintaining a healthy and productive workforce.
The management believes that environmental tobacco smoke is a health hazard that affects smokers and non-smokers alike, that the act of smoking constitutes a fire hazard, that restricting smoking in the work place benefits both smokers and non-smokers while promoting high standards of HSSE awareness amongst employees and contractors.
This policy aims to provide a smoke free work environment, thereby protecting the health of employees, contractors and visitors, while dealing with the needs and concerns of smokers.
In applying this policy, Imad Group states that smoking is strictly prohibited in all company business premises:

  • In shared offices or workspaces used by two or more people, or where single officer are integrated into a common closed ventilation system.

  • In area with sensitive equipment and computer system-such as officers warehouse etc.

  • In areas where inflammable products are handled such as tank farms, filling gentries, generator houses, warehouse etc

  • In areas where chemicals are used, such as luboil plant chemical formulation plant,
    Bitumen plant, chemical and luboil warehouses, and other designated places where occupational and health hazards might exist.

  • In confined area of general access such as dinning areas, medical facilities, waiting rooms, toilets, lifts, staircase, waiting areas, employee lounge etc.

  • In company vehicles, including those from the car pool occupied by more than one person.

  • In meeting and conference rooms, reception areas and any other places to which the public normally has access.

  1. All contractors and contractor personnel on company business or within Imad premises are obliged to comply with the regulations in this policy.

  2. Smoking within company premises is NOT allowed. Smoking within will attract disciplinary action.

  3. Employees who wish to stop smoking shall be encouraged and assisted through smoking cessation programmes.

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